Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Another Gorguss Girl

I was asked by a lady at work who saw my previous Gorguss Girls, to make one the same in pinks for her 6 year old grandaughter, this is the card I will be taking to her this morning so I hope she likes it. Am I the only one who worries about wether the people who have asked me to make cards will like them when I have done them? It almost makes feel sick when I deliver cards. Part of that I guess is also that I do not enjoy telling them how much they are, I hate dealing with the money side of it.

Anyway here's her card:

Sorry about the pic the colours are terrible!

I took a close up of the top of the card to see how I got on with that as I have noticed a lot of you bloggers doing it.

Not sure I quite got this right, need to have more time and play around I think ot perfect my pics.

Lynsey x

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