Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wedding Exploding box

What a lovely summers day here today, getting lots done, washing cleaning amd making things it's all most unusual for a Saturday morning! LOL
I am going to my cousins wedding party tonight and wanted to make her something a little more than a card, so I decided to make her an exploding box with a wedding cake inside. I have made it in the colours she is having for the wedding, which I know as I made all her invitations and tabel plan for her. They are having a very small wedding at a very nice hotel at 2pm this afternoon then a party tonight. Last night they very kindly invited us over to the hotel for a BBQ and casino night which was fantastic fun. I now know not to go to vegas as I could not stop myself and would have no money when I came back it is such fun. Last night was not for any real money!!!

Anyway here is the box:

and here it is open:

and close up of a few parts:

Enough pics I think!! LOL

I am loving these boxes at the moment and am looking for the next excuse to make a different one. I decided to make this one at 7.30 this morning and it took me in total about 3 hours to complete.

Just hope Becky and Gary like it now!!

Lynsey x

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