Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I made this card forsomeone who has been one of my closest friends, Simon and his new wife Sarah. Si and I met at Uni and became friends from day one (that was 16 years ago) we did so much together over several years. As happens with most of us and friends I think, we kind of drifted appart and have not seen eachother for some time now (several years in fact). Si got married a month ago in Vegas and had a party on Staurday night. He lives an hour and a half from me but I really wanted to go, he thought I would not actually turn up on the night and was very suprised which was amazing. I got tosee him and his new wife, had a lovely time catching up with friends of thiers who I also used to 'hang out with' and had various holidays with. I wish now I had not left it so long and missed so much time with them but this is the start of seeing eachother more now I think. It felt like we had not been appart at all when we were chatting etc, which I think are signs of good friends xx

Simple and similar to others I have done in the past but I love this design, It is not my own idea however, I have been inspired in the past but I am sorry to whoever it was who's blog/do crafts I got the idea from, as I cannot remember who it was. (sorry..)

Thanks for looking

Lynsey xx


Crystal said...

Oh my word what a gorgeous wedding creation, stunning!

coops said...

this is really stunning lynsey, so elegant.i love the clean and simple layout.
xx coops xx