Saturday, 1 August 2009

Caravan Lovers

It's been almost a month since I last posted, I have made very few cards in that time and am hoping over the next few days to catch up a bit with some of the cards which I need to make.
The first one is one which is needed for today and I have completed this morning!! this is so typical of me, everything is last minute!!

The card is for a couple celebrating thier 11th wedding anniversary, they have recently bought a caravan and love getting away in it at weekends at the moment (even with the terrible summer we are having down here!)
The decoupage is paper-nation as is the matching backing paper, both were very kindly sent to me by a fellow do crafter Margaret N, after I posted a request for help with the caravan theme. Thanks Margaret!!!

I hope they like it and don't think it is taking the mickey of them!

I decided as you can see not to leave any of the card un-embelsihed so I have something on all sides. I have not done this before but actually quite like it, some may say a bot over done though I guess?

Thanks for stopping by to have a look, I'll post more again very soon!

Lynsey xx

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Crystal said...

How SUPER cute!!! Love how they are in front of the camper..DARLING!